Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Sunglasses Are Finished-O

Monday, 30 nov 2009:

Okay, so I just flipping broke my sunglasses.  Just broke off a whole stem, dangit.  DANGIT!  DANGIT, DANGIT, DANGIT!

I was going to start off this whole Blah Log Blog entry by mentioning that, if I were in the States at this very moment in time, Jeopardy! would be on, and that I would more than likely be watching—undeniably, fortuitously kicking ass in the “How One Breaks Sunglasses” category—with a dirty Ketel One martini in hand and a plate of Manchego cheese and hummus nearby, HOWEVER, as it is now, I’m really reallyreallyreally extraordinarily very much irritated by the fact that I just broke the only sunglasses I’ve ever actually liked since the awesome, funky electric-baby blue ones I had in 10th grade.

The collapse of my sunglasses was entirely not the intended point of this entry, but an indisputable frustration, nonetheless.  

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