Thursday, December 3, 2009

Le Bathroom Humor

Saturday, 21 nov 2009, Accra:

Wanna know what I find absolutely, perfectly fitting? 

Tracy has a proper toilet in her apartment.  You know the kind: white, porcelain, silver flush handle on the side, water, actual flushing capability…

Anyway, so with this proper toilet comes a proper facility for toilet paper.  Again, you know the kind of feature I’m talking about:  two white porcelain arms jutting out from the wall, set just-so apart, with holes in each to compliantly secure a shit-ticket roll and just to the left of the throne (if, upon which, you happen to be s(h)itting).  

There also happens to be a shelf atop this particular bun-fodder receptacle, and it also just so happens that my red, plastic-bound Webster’s French Beginners Dictionary fits absolutely and perfectly on said shelf.  It’s as if my French dictionary was made exclusively for this spot.  In the bathroom.  Near the toilet. 

I’m sorry…I’m really sorry.  Really. 

But…it just makes me smile every time (EVERY TIME!) I see it, my red French dictionary—such an above-board contrast, hehehe.  Honestly, I’ve never once flipped through it whilst using the bathroom, but I loooooook at it every single time (EVERY SINGLE TIME!) I’m there.  And every single time, I smile.  

1 comment:

  1. Bun Fodder
    Shit Ticket
    I think I sense a song coming on.

    Je veux savoir. Je veux savoir.
    Bun Fodder, Qu'est-ce que sais!
    Shit ticket, aujourd'hui!
    W.C. sans bidet
    plastique rouge, oui, wee-wee.
    Bombs Away.
    merde humide
    Throne approprié